Promoting a passion project

The Montreal Baseball Project was started by Warren Cromartie, former professional baseball player who spent the early part of his career with the Montreal Expos. Seeing the momentum he was building towards bringing a Major League Baseball team back to Montreal, Plank approached the MBP in the fall of 2013 to lend support to the cause.

Desktop visual of the history of baseball in Montreal

We completed a full redesign of the website, working hard to create a site that pays tribute to the rich history of baseball in Montreal, while looking forward to the future.

We developed a platform that could grow along with the movement and empower the whole MBP team to keep in touch with their supporters.

Desktop visuals for the MBP blog index

Filling the stands with supporters

The Montreal Baseball Project cleanly delivers content to three types of supporters: fans, sponsors, and the press. Visitors can keep up to date with the MBP’s efforts, browse articles on the MLB in Montreal, download press materials, find information about events, shop for merch, and become a sponsor of the project.

Desktop visuals of the CTA to get involved

Easy updates and maintenance

We created a responsive, high-end user experience that represents the history of baseball in Montreal from a design perspective, supports Expos fundraising and profile building Galas, and brings fans right up to date with the latest campaign news and information.

We used WordPress for the backend to make it a snap for the Montreal Baseball Project team to update and maintain all aspects of the website themselves.

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