Big announcements. Big traffic.

Fans flock to festival lineup announcements. They know there’s no time to waste when tickets go on sale for sellout shows. And they need quick access to information during festival weekend.

Osheaga’s website needed to perform under the pressure of heavy traffic spikes at key moments without disappointing audiences.

Mobile visuals for the different pages of the site

Given our experience with and, Osheaga knew we could be trusted to build a site that could keep up with its avid fans.

By routing 95% of the site’s pages and assets through a robust Content Delivery Network, we lightened the load on any one server, improving uptime and user satisfaction.

Integrated, personalized experience

A fantastic festival experience depends on a lot of factors coming together.

We’re proud to have integrated 3rd party technology from fellow Montreal companies Greencopper, Outbox and Connect&Go to weave together schedules and artist information, account management and ticketing, and RFID wristband technology.

Leveraging these integrations, we upgraded the Osheaga PLAY online experience. With a unified single login, festival attendees can get artist recommendations, link social accounts and access special deals offered by Osheaga and their partners.

Once onsite at the festival, scanning your wristband allows you to challenge your friends to games, win prizes, and share photos to your personal timeline.

Hit replay

Our work on the Osheaga website was part of a larger project that included evenko’s other two major festivals, ÎleSoniq and Heavy Montréal.

While each site has its own unique look and feel, they remain the same “under the hood.” The custom Content Management System we built allows the organizers of each festival to control and tweak the content and marketing deals that they offer to their audiences.

All three festivals can rest assured that their audiences will always have access to the information they need, when they need it.

Desktop visuals of Osheaga Presents, homepage and Music on Paper