Improving the User Experience for Members

Our mission was to revamp their members’ portal, WDN Connect, to encourage more active engagement between members. We worked with them to leverage built-in and added functionality to improve the User Experience for members of varying ages and digital ability.

Mobile visuals for various WDN Initiatives

Powered by BuddyPress, their existing donor portal was crowded with unused features and lacked context. We started by stripping out what wasn’t being used and simplifying navigation. We updated the look of the site to be more open and airy, and fit with their brand identity.

Learn. Connect. Act.

With these three goals in mind, we improved how members’ interests drive their journey through the site content to help deepen connections and facilitate collective learning and action.

Desktop visual of a single initiative page

We expanded the users’ ability to build their profile on the platform by enabling them to showcase the interests and organizations that they are most passionate about. Users can select the organizations they support through a new integration with the Guidestar API, or add in new organizations they are involved with. They can find other members with the same interests or join regional groups or learning cohorts.

The Big Picture

Our work has made it easier for the staff of the Women Donors Network to see trends among their members and evaluate areas of heightened interest to guide their work.

The ultimate goal of WDN is to support progressive causes. While individuals are able to share their own personal causes and make connections with others, WDN also encourages them to make a collective impact through issue-based campaigns and Impact Collectives, which are driven by the interests and priorities of the members.

Desktop visual of the Resource Library