Mitchell Amihod

At Plank, whenever we get a new employee we like to introduce everyone to him or her with a special news item. Usually this is done within a month or two of the person coming on. We seem to be a little late on this one…

Part of the problem was me. I admit it. When Mitch was hired (like, last October or something), I was waiting for the re-design of the Plank site to write his news item, which would now be a blog entry. Of course, as you already know, the site took a little while to go live, so Mitch’s introduction was a while in coming. Sorry about that Mitch! But I like to look at it this way – we all knew you would be here for a while, so there was no rush.

Enough excuses, let’s get down to it. We are all really happy to have Mitch here. He has fit in amazingly. He is officially a “senior developer,” but he really is much more. Sure, he’s especially skilled at traditional programming, but ask him to do some integration or build a template, and he won’t bat an eyelash. You can even ask him to design something and while he’ll complain he’s not a designer, he can do that too.

His multiple talents are reflected by his diverse background. Schooled at Concordia in their exclusive Communications Program (just like Warren), he then went on to program, integrate, design, develop, project manage, and more at companies as varied as Spafax Canada, Chambers & Partners in London, Autodesk, the Montreal Mirror, and Blue Dot Communications, working with our own GW Brazier. They all end up at Plank eventually!

Mitch and I were lucky enough to be at SXSW together. While there with him, I learned a couple of things. First off, he is a semi-celebrity in the online virtual world of Second Life. It was amazing – everywhere we went there were SL’ers, and they all knew who Mitch/Max was. It was quite impressive, and I now know why he spends so much time in there. I also found out he snores (albeit in a pleasing, musical manner), is messy,
and likes gin and tonics. Too much information for you?

Anyway, an official welcome to Mitch, sorry it took so long. We are thrilled you’re here, and I know all our clients are happy to know that if they need something done, you can do it. Whatever it is!