There are major changes afoot at Google this week and I figured it would be important for us to let you, our trusty website visitor, stay informed about what’s going on it case it isn’t on your radar. Very simply Google made changes to the algorithm behind its Search Engine which will have a major impact on Search Listings throughout the whole of the Google Internets! Google has decided to penalize websites that aren’t deemed “mobile-friendly”. While I could, but I’m not going at this time get into how this could benefit Google from a business perspective, it will have a major SEO impact on websites that haven’t yet invested into some type of mobile support. If you want to read in more detail about this topic, check out these great articles from Google’s Webmaster Central, the New York Times or from Wired.

The good news

Generally, this decision will have a positive effect on the internet development community, as it will push the mobile outliers towards adoption. Given the growing number of people now using the internet primarily on mobile devices, I can get behind a push to ensure more and more of the internet is accessible in a proper way on mobile.

The bad news

For some it will be tough to make this transition, but it’s a transition that should happen and clearly will. While we have been creating Mobile-Friendly websites using Responsive Design techniques for years now I’m sure when I do a review of some of our older projects, there will be ones that don’t meet Google’s mobile-standards.

What can you do about it:

There is no magic solution. Google’s proposed actions are spread across the board. If your site uses a modern CMS and takes into account recent web standards, you’re probably pretty close. I’ll be in touch with some of you to encourage you to make some site updates. If you aren’t a client of ours yet and we start talking about a project, expect this topic to come up right away. If you want to test your site and see if it passes the Google Mobile Test, they have made a tool available here. If you want to chat with me about how this could affect you and your website, feel free to get in touch. I like to talk about the internet.

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