Do you have an office? A wall? Do you like art? Well ArtAnywhere is for you. A brand new service, ArtAnywhere allows companies and individuals to rent art (at a very reasonable price) from local artists. It’s all centered around a soon to be opened web portal, where artists and “renters” can meet.

So Plank was thrilled to be approached by ArtAnywhere to be one of the first companies to be a renter. We are amazed to see how much the beautiful piece by Annie Briard (below) brightens up our reception area.

The service is set to launch in Montreal, Toronto, and New York City, right about now. In fact, ArtAnywhere has a fun event this Saturday for their launch. There’s more info on the event’s Facebook page. Join ArtAnwhere, Culture Days and even some Plankers to discover the world of Montreal art, and help get ArtAnywhere off on the right foot.  

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