A couple of us have been lucky to attend the first 2 DPM Summits. In 2013 we were invited to Philadelphia, PA. and 2014 in Austin, TX.

This event bills itself “The Pioneering Event for Digital Project Managers” and did they ever deliver on that promise. The conference offers a ton of unique value to anyone who manages digital projects.

We got to discuss not only what works and what doesn’t, but the ever changing landscape of what is expected from DPM’s, what tools they use, how they can stay ahead — and in touch in an industry which offered very few friendly professional groups. For the attendees the true extra value came in the form of creating a wider permanent community that could share the wins, the losses and those moments of “where do we go next”.

“Now in its third year, the Digital PM Summit is all about fostering and celebrating a highly skilled community within the larger digital universe, the Digital Project Managers on the front lines.

“Managing digital projects requires understanding people as much as it does design and technology. Those who do it well possess a unique combination of skills. The playing field is always changing, and staying on top of this stuff is key. That’s where the Digital PM Summit comes in.

1st DPM Summit, Philadelphia, PA

In 2013 I wrote a bit about what I brought home to Plank; Things I learned on Day 1: & More mind blowing bits of Day 2:

2nd DPM Summit, Austin, TX

In 2014 we upped the ante and sent 2 members of the Plank team. Cassandra came with me, and added her 1st timer thoughts to the blog.

This year

As we look forward to 2015, Andrew and Jason will get the honour of representing Plank in Philadelphia. They’ve by now heard us mention the inspirational things Brett, Greg, NancyMeghanTeraSam or one of the dozens of others shared. They’ve heard about the lunch table process discussions and evening “DPM therapy” sessions.

“I’ve been looking forward to attending a DPM event since joining Plank last fall. I’m really excited to connect face to face with the wider Digital Project Management community, compare notes on some of the industry’s current challenges, and absorb as much as I can to become a better PM.”

Andrew Rose

As an agency we pride ourselves on our Project Management approach and see this as a fundamental part of the mix to deliver great projects. Attending events like DPM Summit help us to develop our skills in this area, gives us a chance to share our knowledge and ultimately provides a great opportunity to learn. All of these things make us better at our job, improves the service and value we offer to clients and makes for smoother internal workflows.

“Steve and Cassandra have had nothing but great things to say about the DPM Summit, so I am really looking forward to going this year. I’ve attended lectures on broader Project Management topics, but it will be exciting to learn from experts specifically in the digital realm.”

Jason Koskie

Tickets for DPM Summit are available here. If you’re going and want to posse up with the Plank crew, get in touch via twitter with @plank,
@jasonkoskie or @andrewjrose.

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