Exciting things are happening in downtown Montreal! Plank and Breather have just opened a new, creative meeting space located in the heart of the city’s Quartier des Spectacles at 372 Sainte Catherine Ouest, Suite 105.

For over 15 years now, our trailblazing digital agency has called the beautiful and eclectic Belgo building home – feeding off its artistic and dynamic energy to fuel an eclectic array of unique digital experiences. Now, in partnership with Breather, we’re inviting others to soak in the building’s amazing vibes by renting a versatile, 600 square foot space for meetings, photo shoots, events and more. With it’s high ceilings, black lacquered floors, an abundance of natural light and tons of cool amenities, this could be the perfect spot to launch your next project.

Breather - 372 St. Catherine West #105
Photo credit: Mary Elam (http://www.maryelam.com/)

To celebrate, we invited the crème de la crème of Montreal’s arts and tech community to launch the space and mingle with our team. With amazing food from Furco and Trou de Beigne, coffee, wine and beer flowing courtesy of Dispatch Coffee and DepDelivery and top tunes from DJ Phil Cabana, it was a brilliant night.

Why are we so fired up about this new partnership? Because it’s a perfect example of one of Plank’s core values —  collaboration. By bringing together
the best people for the job and giving them the tools and space they need to be productive, great things happen.

Our founder Warren Wilansky had been looking for the right way to use the space for a while when ideas started to percolate. “When we started to discuss what we should do with the space in #105, it was clear to us that a Plank-Breather partnership would be a perfect fit. As one of the leading start-up success stories in Montreal, we’re proud that they have designed a wonderful new spot for creative teams and entrepreneurs to gather, recharge and collaborate.”

The enthusiasm about this new space could be felt by all. Breather CEO and Co-founder, Julien Smith, was quick to jump in. “Plank’s gorgeous studio is too beautiful not to be shared with the world. We’ve seen great initial success (…) and have no doubt it will become a cornerstone of events for the neighbourhood and Montreal’s creative community.”

Have you checked out the new Breather space yet? Are you a creative nomad working on projects that require a beautiful, quiet space? Then drop by and say hi, you’ll find us right next door hacking away at innovative web and mobile experiences!

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