Plank celebrates our sweet sixteen

This year Plank turned 16…and, like any teenager would, we think this is a pretty big deal. Very few agencies can claim to have been working exclusively in the digital space since the late 1990’s and it’s a defining characteristic we’re beyond proud of.

Having been in the business of websites (and more) for this many years we’ve seen so much change and advancement. We’ve had our own part to play in the evolution of the industry and, as a result, have defined a set of high working standards and best practices
that are evident in any Plank project. Some of our team members have been with us since the beginning – we’ve learned and grown together and, because of that, have a deep understanding of ‘digital matters’ and the Plank way.

Plank started out with a simple philosophy of making the web a more beautiful place. Although high quality creative is still a core passion, today we now have to apply design in the context of the modern web user – accessing content on an ever growing
array of devices and screen sizes.

UX/UI is now the bigger consideration and one we take very seriously from conception through to deployment.

So what is it like to work with Plank? What can you expect?

We’ve made it our business to be digital experts and have stayed true to this goal throughout our time in operation. Every agency will tell you they’re strategic and thorough, but what does this mean? For us it means getting to know a client and their
business, thinking like an end user and considering short and long term goals before developing a custom, relevant solution.

We believe wholeheartedly in collaboration. We strive to be a good partner, not just a supplier, and offer experience and expertise, with a deep rooted passion for the work and desire to achieve something great. We have a small team of senior people working
at Plank which means you always get the best possible minds on the job. This has led to many clients coming back again and again with repeat projects.

For us it means getting to know a client and their business, thinking like an end user and considering short and long term goals before developing a custom, relevant solution.

For us the best relationships are those based on give and take. To get the most out of us we have certain expectations of our clients too. Specifically we’re looking for:

  • A well defined brief
  • Clear goals and objectives
  • A view on what success looks like
  • A willingness to collaborate
  • An openness to be challenged
  • A level of investment that reflects the project ambition

Of course not every client is looking to change the world through their digital offering and it’s fair to say not all briefs are for us. If you’re looking for a digital brochure or online business card there are a number of excellent ‘out of the box’
solutions like SquareSpace and Sitebuilder that offer template driven, ‘build your own site’ services – with little or no need for creative or programming support. These projects are not for Plank.

We want work that challenges us and pushes the creative and technology boundaries. We want to work on projects that matter to everyone involved; our team, our clients and their users. Whether it’s building a new digital home for Rush, developing an anti-election
platform for Michael Moore, creating tools to help Canadians engage in arts and cultural events or building a backend file sharing infrastructure allowing some of the biggest global media owners and advertisers approve content, we thrive on finding
simple solutions to complex problems – this is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Overall the Plank approach has served us well, but we’ve never been one to be complacent. We’ve witnessed the peaks and troughs of the industry and experienced our own growth and challenges like any teenager might. All of this has helped shape us into
the business we are today and given us a clear vision for the future.

We’re approaching adulthood and a new chapter in Plank’s life where we are looking to grow, change and evolve. We have a number of new initiatives in development that we look forward to sharing with you all soon. Cheers!