So do you use WordPress but don’t always have access to your computer? Would you like to blog through your mobile phone or any other handheld device? Thanks to Stephane Daury, Plank’s Technology Director, and the
WPhoneplug-in, you can do it easily.

In a contest sponsored by Matthew Mullenweg, grandaddy of WordPress, Stephane and his team of ZaMoose and Viper007Bond took first prize. The prize? An iPhone / iPod Touch for each of the developers, and fame throughout the world. WPhone is now available in the official WordPress Plugin Directory.

The contest was originally for an iPhone plug-in only, but Steph and his team took it to the next level by making it usable with all mobile devices. The iPhone / iTouch version takes advantage of the CSS and AJAX capabilities of that platform, while a lite version will work on just about any old phone, Windows Mobile, Palm, or other portable device. Damn, if I was a WordPress blogger, I’d want this. How about a Blogger version?

So congratulations Steph. We knew we hired the right guy!

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