Culture Days’ jam-packed weekend is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited! Culture Days is a pan-Canadian volunteer movement that works to improve the awareness, accessibility and participation of Canadians with their local arts and cultural community. Every year they dedicate one weekend to bringing Canadians one step closer to their local community, by providing free activities all over the country such as art exhibitions, roller disco’s and dance classes.

In order to help make this busy weekend a little bit easier, we’ve worked hard to sharpen up the site and sign up process- to ensure painless accessibility for all site visitors.

Here’s a wrap up of our top 4 improvements this year.

Better homepage layout

We cleaned up the homepage by allowing the Culture Days team increased control to customize and adjust different elements featured on the homescreen. We better integrated their blog to allow for easier promotion and attention to special events, and integrated social media tools to promote online sharing. We even added sub-sections as a drop down menu, allowing users to easily overview everything the site has to offer.

Increased control over the CMS

We’ve allowed the Culture Days team to make quick and easy updates to their site and editorial content that they can comfortably edit themselves. We pre-set some HTML code blocks specifically within the Featured Resources section to allow the team increased flexibility in content, its structure and the text pages it links to.

Everything went responsive

In the past Culture Days had a separate mobile site that allowed access to mobile users. This year, we took things one step further by making their sites fully responsive- their national site, provincial sites and even their blog! Now regardless what device you’re using to browse the site, you’re guaranteed the same easy access to the content you’re searching for.

Easier and faster registration

Our team knows how difficult and tedious online registration forms can be. This year we cleaned up the registration process making it much easier for activity organizers, volunteers and attendees to become involved.

If you haven’t already, there’s still space to sign up and be a part of this celebration of culture.