Plans for Culture Days, a free annual event that invites people to celebrate and explore arts and culture in every province and territory in Canada, were unveiled today at events across the country. And Plank is pleased to be a part of it, with the launch of the next phase of the Culture Days website. Plank is excited see how Canadians will use the website to get involved in preparation for the September 2010 event.

The original launch of the Culture Days site in November, 2009 was an excellent source of information about the Culture Days movement and what it was all about. With the launch of this next Phase today, the information available has grown exponentially. More importantly, the updated site is all about interested Canadians organizing individual Culture Days events in their home cities and towns across the country. Site users are able to easily enter information and details about the free activities they plan to offer during Culture Days this fall.

For those not organizing events but wanting to be involved, today’s launch has plenty for them as well. All the events will be easily searchable so people can quickly find events that are of interest to them. The Culture Days Blog provides people with the latest updates in their provinces as well as lots of other useful information from the Culture Days Movement. Users can also see a sneak peak of events which have already been organized in provinces across Canada in the Celebration Schedule section of the site. Users can also get updates through an eBulletin, or even be updated by text message. All the latest Culture Days news can be found on the home page or through Twitter.

There are many other ways to get involved as well. Why don’t you try one!

With the launch of this next Phase of the site, the design has been updated to reflect the new “get involved” ethos, as well as harmonize with the print campaign to be launched in May 2010. But the site still has all the hallmarks of a GW Brazier design – visually stimulating and appealing yet clean, with a design that doesn’t take away from the goal for the site which is to find information. If anything, the design makes it easy for users to find the information they need.

So check out the site. More updates are coming and we’ll see you in September! 

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