As you can probably tell in my recent post – Coming of Age in the Web-Business – we’re in a reflective mood at Plank. We’re very proud of where we’ve come from as an agency and, with an eye on the future, it seems like a good time to take stock and remind ourselves exactly why we’re in this business and what it is we want to achieve.

At the heart of our DNA is a desire to deliver work that matters – for us this means working with organizations that want to make a point, who want to standout from the crowd and ultimately deliver digital properties and content that serves a specific need.

We’ve been lucky to have worked with some high profile clients over the years including personalities such as former Governor General Michelle Jean and Michael Moore and organizations including Culture Days, evenko, CBC, Fantasia Film Festival…..the list, dare we be so bold to say, goes on. We’re incredibly proud to call these clients our partners, many have been long standing past and present, and hell yes, it does say we can punch above our weight.

We pride ourselves on delivering work that impacts lives in a positive way. From community initiatives to global movements, we develop projects that people use, around subjects they care about, supporting causes that aim to change the world (even just a bit) for the better. This may sound like a lofty claim but it genuinely has been our mantra and it’s a drum we’ll continue to bang.

We see ourselves as small, but perfectly formed! We’re less than 20 people right now, but those people are senior and experts at what they do. This means we can take on big, challenging projects and deliver meaningful results. We seek to challenge the status quo. Our developers like to find simple solutions to complex problems, to us this is the very essence of what technology can bring to the marketing mix and it means we continue learn from every project.

‘Open source’ is the modus operandi of the digital development world and it’s how we operate with clients and the wider digital and creative communities. Because we love what we do, we talk about it. We have an ever growing community around us, we see strength in collaboration. Just ask any of the fellow agency owners that Plank Founder, Warren Wilansky, talks to and shares with on a regular basis. We budget for every team member to attend at least one relevant conference each year to expand their knowledge and share our own best practices.

So what do we want out of all of this? We want big projects, we want work that, at the end of the day, we can stand back when it’s done and feel proud to have been a part of it, we want to have an effect.

Take a look at some of our projects.