Warren will be speaking along with Tobias Lutke (CEO, Shopify) and Jim Cain (CEO, Napkyn) at an upcoming smarTALK “Dropping the “E” From eCommerce” presented by the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation moderated by Harley Finkelstein (Director & General Counsel, Shopify).

“In the past few years, the concept and practice of eCommerce has shifted from a small niche market industry, cornered by the likes of Amazon, eBay, and Zappos, to a mainstream business practice that is at the core of almost every company. From service providers to wholesalers, eCommerce is no longer limited to a select few brands that had the foresight to beta test an online retail presence in the 90′s; today anyone who can effectively use “email” can launch an online shop and commercialize the business or hobby on the web. The discussion will be focused on new trends – such as brick-and-mortar to brick-and-click conversions in the conventional retail model, the democratization of eCommerce (from students to retirees to mompreneurs), and what the landscape will look like in the coming years.”

The talk takes place on November 25th in Ottawa. More info on how to attend can be found here.

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