It may seem like a strange shift, moving from television to tech. Some transitions are easier to understand, others are more nuanced.  Ultimately, as with any change we make as we move through life, we take with us the foundation that we have been building, brick by solid brick. We bring with us our experiences. And none should be overlooked.

In my short time in the world of tech I have begun learning a new language. And it’s fascinating. I have always loved words, so I build on that. As my colleagues communicate in code, I explore their discourse, a slow understanding of how they are shaping online experiences with letters and numbers that have their own unique significance.  I have always worked in communications, I am now learning to communicate in a new way. And I will help you understand it too, if you wish.

I come from a world of camera operators, editors and producers. At Plank I’m exploring the deep waters of back-end developers who work in the guts of a website or app. Or front-end developers who link design and technology.  I’m witnessing the expansive vision of web designers and the calm efficiency of project managers. This new world is quieter than a newsroom on the outside, but brimming with life underneath the surface.

What can drag you down the rabbit hole when facing new challenges, is fear.  It takes effort, but I don’t allow myself to think negative thoughts. I choose instead to believe in myself.  New challenges come with accepting that you will no longer be an expert. At least not right away. Choosing faith over fear, means giving yourself the time needed to hone new skills, and enjoy the process along the way.  It’s important to choose a place, as I have chosen Plank, that gives you the room to grow. It is a great gift.

To anyone considering a life or career change, I offer this. It’s never too late and never a mistake to take the road less travelled.  You learn and grow in unimaginable ways. You stretch out of the image you’ve created of yourself, and reach new heights. It begins with finding the courage, because I would never pretend it’s easy. But learn to trust what you bring to any table. Believe that you have value. Be open to the journey, wherever it may take you. And remember the foundation that is your life, is stronger than you realize.

Once you make the leap, the rest is about the passion you bring to your next adventure. And that my friends I have, as I’m sure you do, in spades.

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