Her Excellency the Governor-General Michaëlle Jean last week chatted with members of the Order of Canada mentorship program, thanks to a Plank-built real-time chat system you can see in the picture above!

Last year, Plank was proud to build a new website for Her Excellency after having built Citizens’s Voices. The new site is a private communications site for the mentors and mentorees of the program. The mentorship program brings 25 members of the Order of Canada together with 25 exceptional young Canadians. There is a very impressive list of people involved in the program.

The site is a secure, private site to be used only by mentors, mentorees and Her Excellency. It features private messages, private one-on-one live chat between mentor and mentoree, and private group real-time chat for all participants. We would link to the site, but without a password, you won’t be able to participate! The picture above is the closest you’ll ever get, unless you become a mentor or mentoree. Luckily for you, mentoree applications are now being accepted (form in PDF format) for this coming year’s program. You’ll have to do a lot more to get into the Order of Canada.

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