The last time someone at Plank wrote a post like this was March 28th, 2007. That day, former VP Allen Mendelsohn announced our new web site, saying that “after almost three years, it was time for a refresh.” It’s taken us almost five years this time around, and while everyone here was excited to update the look and feel of our public face, we knew that telling people who we are, what we do, and where Plank came from needed more than a simple re-skinning.

We’ve been fortunate over the years to be busy most of the time—the usual culprit at digital agencies for internal projects being pushed to the back burner. Last Fall, eyeing a couple of holes in the production schedule, we knew we had to pick up the almost finished design, polish it up, get it into production and push it live before the holidays.

Which is when the fun began, and by “fun” of course I mean lots and lots of debates. From design details to UX to the back-end code, each piece of the puzzle was scrutinized before we came to a final decision. Some people shy away from intense discussions when there’s disagreement, but it’s actually an integral part of the process of creating good work. It allowed us to deliver a site that doesn’t just do a better job of telling our story, but hopefully shows how much we love what we do. Last Tuesday, a few weeks past our self-imposed deadline, we put our new face out there.

In the coming weeks, you can count on a few posts from the people who brought the site to life. I don’t know exactly what each person will say, but I do know there’s no lack of interesting things to talk about: the challenge of designing and coding a responsive site; debating the finer points of our UI/UX choices; or even “how not to bang your head against the desk while navigating the complex management of URLs, SEO, and push states in a mostly AJAX-driven, bilingual site” (working title).

In the meantime, have a look around. We’re still planning some tweaks (and a new mobile site), but after five long years we feel we’re finally telling the Plank story right. Meet the team, browse the case studies, learn about our history and office culture, and of course you can always get in touch!

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