Last week Next Issue officially released its French version in Canada and our team couldn’t be prouder to contribute a piece of the puzzle to this launch.

Next Issue is the magazine embodiment of Netflix, providing all kinds of digital Magazine subscriptions for up to 5 devices for you and your family. With one concise location, an easy-to-read format and titles such as National Geographic, Maclean’s, The Oprah Magazine, Men’s Health, Martha Stewart Living to name a few, the site caters to everyone.

After its expansion into the Canadian market in 2013 with Partner Rogers Media, it was only a matter of time that the demand for a French equivalent would be realized. Now bigger and better than ever, Next Issue not only released its French site but also added many French Canadian favourites such as L’actualité, Allô Vedettes, Protégez-Vous, Châtelaine, Enfants Québec, among many others.

Plank provided the technical expertise necessary to upgrade the site to work in both French and English. We advised on and provided a retrofit solution that worked within the preexisting code to ensure the French version of this complex site followed the exact logic of its English equivalent. The site handles a plethora of contributors and editors so we also customized a WordPress solution, allowing for easy French updates.

This project was a great opportunity for our team. We worked on a site that generates significant revenue and partnered with a Canadian giant, Rogers Media. It’s truly been a pleasure working with the team. With our complementing modern workflows and ability to work through the technical intricacies, we quickly meshed with the Rogers team and helped deliver on time and on budget.

Make sure to check out the new site, and let us know what you think. And who knows, maybe you’ll get started on a free 30-day trial.

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