These folks have been letting Canadians’ fingers do the walking for over a century now, and we at Plank couldn’t be happier to work with such a long standing company. Our first rendezvous with The Yellow Pages Group (YPG) occurred back in 2011. Since then, we have been attending their digital needs to help them take back the board- bigger and better than ever.

YPG first approached Plank to help develop a corporate blog. They wanted a way to market their content by engaging the products and services they offered, with the needs of Canadians. We set them up on the all-mighty content management system, WordPress. It gave them the flexibility they wanted, and the ability for multi-author blogging that they needed. We also put in place a mobile-friendly site, so readers can keep updated on what YPG has to say, on-the-go. This year, we set up 3 mini-sites for YPG- in what I would call, a truly collaborative partnership. Since YPG already had a vision in mind, they took the lead on the designs with Plank creating the wireframes, designing the templates and instilling the code to bring the sites to life. We added on a few customized features in WordPress such as optional titles, texts & URL’s in the header boxes, and the ability to set featured images in the header that are randomized at every ‘refresh.’ We supported all three sites through responsive design techniques, to ensure the cleanliness in the web browser would translate for all mobile and tablet users.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The first mini-site was a Corporate Social Responsibility page separate from the main YPG site, intended to make adding content and editing pages a lot easier. Together we completed a design refresh by cleaning up the page and giving it a fresh, contemporary feel, and put in place an independent but unified Google Analytics account for all their projects.

Taste Your Neighbourhood

The second supported the now past event- Taste Your Neighbourhood

(I do recommend hitting ‘refresh’ to view all the different headers- they are quite appetizing). After the event’s success last year in Montreal, YPG expanded out to Toronto to help promote local restaurants and cafés. A total of 200 businesses were promoted, where over 500 participants discovered their city’s hidden gems. We even embedded YouTube links and added a photo gallery to show off the events’ success!

Shop the Neighbourhood

The last mini-site is for the upcoming event Shop the Neighbourhood, taking place November 29, 2014. Based on the event’s success last year in Toronto, this year it will be spreading coast to coast as thousands of Canadians will support local businesses and optimize on the great deals the day will have to offer. Plank tweaked up the site’s back-end, allowing for easier updating while sticking to the original design templates put in place by YPG. Yellow Pages has been busy buffing up its corporate and social profile, and we’re glad to help. Have you been checking out any local eateries and shops?