One of the more interesting encounters at SXSW was with The Tweeture [@thetweeture]. Tweeture was an inspiration to me – basically where I want to be 5 years from now – stuffed with tech and being passed around from person to person. I think The Tweeture hails from the Isle of Munster (near the Isle of Mann) out in the U.K.

I acquired him from @AmyVernon on the last day, and we went on a little tour.

Well, maybe acquired is not quite accurate. I think he chose me.

Making some new friends with @hippyjo

Always searching for a dinner, The Tweeture then snuck up on local (as in Montreal) songstress Katie Moore! Watch out Katie! He got your PIN number!


Here, we bump into Hazel Grian, who was down in Austin with The Umbrella Group. Suddenly Tweeture is well behaved. To put it in geek-perspective, Tweeture is to Hazel, as Cylon is to Daniel Graystone.

As soon as Hazel went on her way, Tweeture is all “got a fag, mate?”. I tried to ask for proof of age, but got a bite for my troubles.

He mentioned something about having to call his turf accountant. It’s tax season, so I understood. However, there was no way he was using my phone. He was a big football fan. Kept wanting to know the score. Was quite insistent about it actually.

He then threw a tantrum about riding a Segway. I felt they didn’t give him legs for a reason, but I couldn’t see the harm. 2 broken toes later, I understood why.

Decided he could use some food. I knew the perfect place. Habana on 6th.

As you can see – Tweeture == Total. Player.

I think the antenna turns purple when exposed to Tequila. This was the drink with the closest colour/consistency to blood, so I think he liked it.

Tweeture ordered a pulled pork, and you can see how the bloodlust took over.

I suggested the pork. I’m told its the closest to human flesh.

Eventually, the time came for us to part. I graciously let him continue on his trek with @ericisshort.

I later met my nemesis, Tweeture, on stage for a final debate. I challenged him about all the people he’s eaten, and well, as you can see, it got a bit heated till I bopped him on the head and stormed off stage.

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