A glimpse into another world

Yesterday’s Breakfast Club with wildlife photographer NJ Wight was an eye opener in a number of ways.

Nancie Wight wasn’t always a photographer. In fact, she was once Warren’s professor in the early days of multimedia at Concordia University. She led us through her incredible career path spanning multiple industries, from fashion retailing to making mobile content for huge brands like Disney. But that path took a sharp turn when she took her first safari.

She fell in love with Africa and with wildlife. It was amazing to see her photos and hear her stories. Most importantly, Nancie shone a bright light on conservation issues that are becoming more and more pressing as numbers of lions, cheetahs, elephants and rhinos get smaller and smaller. She took us through the math of how just one male lion killed by trophy hunters affects the whole pride and can lead quickly to the death of 20 more, simply because of the changes to the social dynamics.

I think we all could have listened to Nancie talk all day about her adventures and her deep knowledge of animal behaviour and the challenges faced by those dwindling populations and those who care about conserving them.

Visit Nancie online to see her photography, read more of her thoughts on wildlife, and even join her on her next safari.

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