We continue our trip down the memory lane of music with the following tale of buzzing eardrums and angry men screaming into microphones brought to you by our dear Senior Developer, Patrick McFern.

My first few concerts were more in the “show” category, basically punk rock & ska shows in church basements. I’d consider my first real concert by the venue and the attendance numbers.

So, with that in mind, my first concert was the “Anger Management
Tour” at the Molson Centre in October 2000. I was probably 15ish at the time, and likely in the 9th grade. It was also my first big show in Montreal, which is quite overwhelming for someone who’s whole world is based on the south shore.

The line up was:

Papa Roach, Xzibit, Eminem w/ D12 and Limp Bizkit (in that order). I was into nu-metal at the time and I was primarily there for Papa Roach and Limp Bizkit. Eminem and D12 were starting to make a name for themselves at the time, so it was cool to see a nu-metal + rap fusion under one roof on the same bill. The show experience itself was a bit bizarre to me since there was a massive “general admission” mosh pit, but I was stuck in assigned seating. I spent the majority of the show standing in my row, which no one seemed to mind. The visual effects were very well done, and Eminem even had a full intro video with some kind of spooky theme to it. At that age though, it’s hard to get over the $45+ admission fee, as I had no income at the time

I don’t listen to any of those groups anymore, but it was a fun experience overall. It was also my first time experiencing an “audio hangover” (aka buzzing sound in your ears).

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