Developing new tools for wellness

Back in May we held a staff Hack Day to help Repercussion Theatre make their Shakespeare in the Park season more accessible to Francophone audiences. We built
an app where viewers could follow Shakespeare’s words en français and in real time. It was a fun day at the office, we made new connections in the community, and were able to help out a Montreal cultural institution. 

So we’re doing it again! But this time we’re putting our focus on Health and Wellness. 

Netflix binges aside, we know that technology is changing the way people manage their health and wellbeing for the better. 

Over the last decade Plank has developed numerous digital tools, websites and applications to bring care, support and treatment advice a click closer. Our work has promoted health and wellness to the public and specific patient groups and has helped hospitals
and medical divisions to communicate with their users, patients and staff more effectively.

We wrote earlier this year about why we love working on these kinds of projects – in short, because they can make such a positive and meaningful impact on people’s
lives. We’re proud to have been involved in the making of One Sweet App, for example, a sugar-tracking app made specifically for Canadian consumers. Go Fit Yourself is another recent project that promotes physical fitness and allows you to track your progress and get motivational tips from top athletes.

We understand that these projects are often of a sensitive nature and that there are many complexities around data protection, project approvals and stakeholder management. 

We specialize in developing work in 4 key areas: 

  • Responsive website design and development 
  • User system and profile management
  • Patient and healthcare professional support tools
  • Working in partnership with creative agencies

Now we’re looking for a new challenge. If your organization is looking for a digital solution for a health-related problem, submit your idea for our next Hack Day. You’ll have a team of top-notch digital professionals on the task.

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