We welcome the newest members of the team

We’ve been going through a bit of a growth spurt lately. For the first time in awhile, we actually have no spare desks in the Plank office!

We wanted to take a moment to say welcome to the team members who have come on board over the past year. We’re really glad to have them.

Courtney Trudel

Courtney Trudel, Back-end developer

Courtney will be celebrating her first year with Plank in October. She’s been a great addition to the team, contributing her special expertise in secure coding to our work, and her enthusiasm for role-playing games to our regular D&D night.

Massimo Triassi

Massimo Triassi, Junior Back-end developer

Massimo completed his internship with Vanier with us last spring, and we’ve been happy to have him back over the summer before he begins his studies at Concordia. He fits right in here with his creativity, easygoing nature, and love of Rick and Morty.

Christina Garofalo

Christina Garofalo, Junior Back-end developer

Christina is a designer turned developer, with a background in both fine arts and applied science. She’s indulged her flair for the dramatic by designing show posters for Montreal theatre companies, and building her own cosplay costumes for her favourite characters.

Chloé Freslon

Chloé Freslon, Project Manager

Chloé grew up in Africa and South-East Asia, and is interested in technology’s potential for social change. She writes a blog dedicated to women in technology in Quebec, and is active in advocating for gender equality in the tech industry.

Véronique Pelletier

Véronique Pelletier, Junior Interactive Designer

Véronique started her design career in print, cultivating a minimalist aesthetic and a love of typography and layout design, and quickly embraced the web’s potential to reach millions. She nourishes her love of print design by collecting books, especially the Penguin English Library covers.

Welcome everyone!

Hello / Goodbye

Of course, sometimes, you also have to say goodbye to a valued team member. Our Lead Developer, Sean Fraser, is moving on to a new opportunity. We wish him the best, but we sure will miss him. Sean came to Plank as an intern in 2011, and joined the team full time after finishing his degree at Concordia. He has risen to the challenge of many complex projects at Plank, and has been an excellent resource for the rest of the team. 

Sean Fraser

Goodbye Sean, and good luck in your next challenge!

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