Cake PHP is one of the leading open source web application frameworks used today. Plank is proud that our own Joël Perras is one of the lead developers of the core code of CakePHP. And now, Joël is a featured speaker at CakeFest, the annual gathering of the CakePHP community, which this year is being held in Berlin starting tomorrow.

Joël is giving two talks at CakeFest. First, he’ll be speaking on Demystifying Webservices in CakePHP, and his second talk is entitled High Performance CakePHP. We’ve seen Joël in action, and he’s a fantastic public speaker. We expect him to really kill it over in Berlin.

Plank is such a strong supporter of open source projects in general and CakePHP in particular, we are proud to be a sponsor of CakeFest. We hope that our small contribution can help the CakePHP communitty thrive, now and in the future.

You can follow Joël’s adventures in Berlin on Twitter.

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