Almost a year ago Plank made the jump to Kin HR, a SaaS tool for managing HR activities. Kin seemed extremely well suited to an agency like ours, with a polished design, streamlined feature set, affordable price tag, and
modern feel that made us all happy to work in it day-to-day (that can’t be said of all HR systems). Since then our affection for Kin has grown, we’ve been offering feedback to the creative team behind it, and watched the platform evolve along with our own needs. What more could we ask! When Lindsay Sanders from the team reached out to ask if Plank would become the 1st in a series of customer spotlights— it was an automatic yes.

“Working closely with many of Kin’s customers, I’ve been fortunate to learn about different workplaces and what it’s like to be part of workplaces around the world. To share all of this good stuff, I’ll be posting a customer spotlight each month to celebrate the business, culture, and happenings at these fantastic companies. First up, a digital agency based in Montréal, Plank.”

Check out a bit about behind the scenes in the world of Plank…

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