We’re clearly a group who loves to watch movies and TV series. We’re also a group who loves to share. We know these can be difficult days, so if you’re looking for a series to dive into, to help pass the time, or change your head, or escape your every day – look no further. We pride ourselves on being a diverse team with varying tastes, so we hope you’ll see something that resonates with you. Stay safe everyone, and as always, sending a little love from our homes to yours. 

Star Trek: Picard

Warren, President & Founder

It was a pleasure to spend another 10 hours with one of my favourite fictional characters of all time. Sir Patrick Stewart shines in the newest installment in the Star Trek franchise. 

Available on CTV SciFi and CBS 


Steve, Managing Partner

WestWorld is an original sci-fi. The core of the show, the attempt to question what consciousness means to technology, is nuanced enough to fire some neurons. The acting is strong, the production value high, with characters that are compelling and likeable. There are twists and turns, and (most of the time) it feels like it’s moving toward a well thought-out conclusion.

Available on Crave (with HBO subscription)


Tarah, Director of Communications and Marketing

This limited series was inspired by a Pulizer prize winning article. It’s incredibly well acted, with powerful themes and just enough hope to help make the tough subject matter worth the journey. I was absolutely riveted.

Available on Netflix 


Lisa, Office Manager

This series is so easy to binge watch, the acting is amazing and it keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way through.

Available on Netflix

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Jason, Project Manager

The newest season of Larry David’s show is a big improvement on the disappointing ninth season, and it is nearly as good as the show has ever been.

Available on Crave (with HBO subscription)

Final Space

Annika, Project Manager

Final Space is an animated sci-fi series that has flown under the radar for most people. The plot is both funny and heartwarming, and gives me all of the feels!

Available on Netflix

The Last Dance

Kayla, Project Manager

I grew up on the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan. This series allows me to relive a part of my childhood, since I grew up in the 90s and MJ was there.

Available on Netflix 

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Jenn, Creative Director

It’s fun, it’s silly, and it’s intriguing! There are time machines and portals and purple people-eaters — it’s an escapist’s fantasy! What more could you ask for?

Available on Netflix

Schitt’s Creek

Veronique, Interactive Designer

It’s my safe and happy place. The series just ended earlier this month, and I’ve already re-started it because it brings me so much joy. The world needs to visit the creek to understand how great it is.

Available on Netflix and CBC Gem

The Leftovers

Olivier,  Front End Developer

This series is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. On many levels it defies definition. The series begins with a global event where 2% of the population disappears and the story focuses on the remaining 98% who try to figure out how to keep on living. The series touches a lot of existential questions and, just like life itself, answers none of them.

Available on Crave (with HBO subscription)

La Petite Vie

Jerôme, Front End Developer

As a new Canadian citizen with a Quebec girlfriend, I had no choice but to watch this series! The first episode, I was like, what the..? But I ended up binge watching the entire series because I really enjoy this kind of humour. Now I understand more of Quebec’s cultural references. 

Available on Ici TOU.TV


Megan, Front End Developer

It’s the story of a young woman who flees her Hassidic community in Brooklyn, to start a new life pursuing music in Germany. It’s incredibly well done and well researched: they brought in people from the community to help with production, so everything feels very authentic. It offers an interesting look at how two countries have handled the often tragic jewish history so differently. 

Available on Netflix

Mr Robot

Massimo, Backend Developer

Mr. Robot is great because it isn’t afraid to get scarily dark when it discusses real world issues and when it conveys how serious mental health issues can be. It also tries its best to keep true to reality on the subject of tech and hacking, which is much appreciated from someone working in tech. If you like heavy subject matter, you’ll like this show. 

Available on Prime Video

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Christina, Backend Developer

It’s an incredibly well written show that is genuinely funny. It does a great job of representing the LGBTQ community. 

Available on Netflix

Violet Evergarden

Evan, Backend Developer

I started Violet Evergarden on a whim thinking it would be a good show to pass the time. I ended up getting so hooked on the story, I binged the whole series in one sitting. It is relatively short but has an amazing story and the animation is beautiful.   

Available on Netflix

Hip-Hop Evolution

Dave, Backend Developer

I haven’t finished the entire series yet, but it’s quite good if you like hip-hop and want to learn about its origins and growth. The first series was produced by HBO Canada and won a number of awards. Hosted by Shad, a Canadian rapper/broadcaster, he interviews many of the major players in the industry.  

Available on Netflix

Better Call Saul

Jose, Backend Developer

As a big fan of Breaking Bad I was interested in seeing more of this universe. Because it’s a prequel, we know how it’s going to end, but the show really stands on its own. Very good acting and a plot the keeps you wondering what will happen next.  

Available on Netflix


Andrew, Backend Developer

I loved it because they took a true story that most people have some vague idea about and through great acting, fantastic set design and stellar pacing, showed that the story in fact goes way deeper. It’s one thing to have a zombie apocalypse show, but a completely different thing when the monster is deadly, invisible and, most importantly, real. 

Available on Crave (with HBO subscription)

Have a wonderful and safe weekend,
The Plank Team 

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