And the sunshine has made everything that much better.

Yes, the sun came out about 4 PM today and the temperature went up about 10 degrees, turning Austin into the city we all know and love. We’re pretty soon heading out to dinner, but I wanted to quickly check in to just recap some highlights since the last post.

So last night was the opening party. Outstanding. It was so large, people were waiting 20 minutes to go to the bathroom! Afterwards, the great guys at Happy Cog organized an amazing karaoke party, and it did not disappoint. Costumes and fantastic stage performances were not expected, but the performers really delivered.

Today’s highlight was again the keynote speaker, Nate Silver of Five Thirty Eight. As a fan of both baseball and politics, it was just great to hear what he had to say.

We’re coming up on the halfway point. We’ll be back in the office before you know it.

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