This week, we bring to you the memories of Managing Director, Steve Bissonnette’s boyhood punk rock BBQ after his escape from country life.

My first real concert was in 1998 in Montreal — the year I moved away from the “boonies”. I was 14 and it was The Deja Voodoo BBQ.

It was held in some Plateau church basement (was too new to Montreal to know where I was) — $4 for 8 bands and free chicken gumbo.The bands included folks such as the Ripcordz, Lydia Lunch, EJ Brule, Deja Voodoo, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, among some others that I can’t remember.  My buddy Rufus knew the bands as he somehow got his hands on the DIY punk fanzine MaximumRockNRoll and knew what was what while many of us were still listening to TOP-40 radio and clueless that anything better was out there.

Loud, obnoxious and sweaty. I remember the bathrooms “overflowed” by the halfway point making it a problem to drink anything and stick around for 5 hours.

The headliner band’s description sums it up —

“The founders of Sludgeabilly Deja Voodoo crawled from the toxic bayous of Montreal in 1981. Formed by Gerard Van Herk and Tony Dewald as a two piece dedicated to all things trash they played a lo-fi gumbo of 1950’s Rockabilly and 1960’s Garage along with a seasoning of country and blues in to a cocktail that was equally influenced by B-Horror flicks, EC comics Cartoons, TV trash and junk food which became highly influential.” (via Deja Voodoo’s wiki page)

As a little skate punk I was in heaven.

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