2011 clock turns to 2012

2011 was a BIG year for Plank. Rather than bore you with the traditional Best of or Worst of the year posts or project our thoughts of 2012, we wanted to share with you a recap of what went on with us during the past 12 months as it’s been a period of growth, both in physical bodies in our shop, but as well as in our offerings and organization’s skill set.

Plank kicked off the year in fine style (If I say so myself) by bring in Big TMcG (aka Tanya McGinnity) on board to help with project and account management. This set off a kinetic chain of expansion in the Plank Family including JF Fortier (Superstar senior Front End Developer), Colin Mackenzie (Outtasite Office Manager/Bodacious Bookkeeper) and Maria Frangos (Awe-Inspiring Art Director).

We received a sweet shout out in the February issue of .net Magazine as they selected the Plank website as their “Mobile Site of the Month”.

2011 site launches included updates to the Culture Days website, the release of the 15th edition of the Fantasia Film Festival, a Shopify-powered ecommerce site for WowWee Toys and several mobile websites for clients such as the Student Society of McGill University, Yellow Pages Group and the Powder Room.

Warren purchased a honk-load of apps, we had several successful in-house learning lunch sessions and cocktail Fridays continued the trend of fine snacking and imbibing. Plank was in attendance at several conferences such as SXSW, Screens,

Design Thinkers and An Event Apart, a few marriages happened (Yay Sarah and JD and Emerson and Sarah **Please note these are two different Sarah’s as we’re not into marrying each other**) and a new baby Planker was put into the development cycle with a release date of 2012.

Let the momentum continue! Onwards and upwards!

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