We recently had the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and dig into a rather interesting project. As clients of ServInt for the past 7 years, we are forever grateful for how it has revolutionized our workplace. So when we heard ServInt was looking for someone to help them overhaul their online presence, we spent a lot of time and energy thinking about how we could improve the user experience, from the unique perspective we had—we would be the agency that would pull off the improvements, and the customer who would end up using the final result.

Securing that final deal with ServInt is a story of its own, and as Plank Founder Warren Wilansky explains, it was quite the personal victory. But for now, here’s how we worked together with ServInt to create their new and improved web image and rebrand their web hosting as providing a solution for their customers.

“A unique perspective—we would be the agency that would pull off the improvements, and the customer who would end up using the final result.” 

The project was truly a collaborative approach right from the beginning with our initial meeting to the actual construction of the site. Being a site with a lot of history (customers and SEO value) — we carefully reorganized the content and functionality, with ServInt’s team leading on taxonomy.


The entire site was redesigned using responsive web technology to allow for easy and organized browsing, no matter what screen you’re on. We even updated the code base allowing for a cleaner back-end and faster site overall.

ServInt University

We created ServInt University- a reconceptualized blog as a knowledge base for customers and potential customers to learn about the product, web hosting, and general tips and tricks to help them get started. It now has an aspect of discovery with articles logically flowing one after the other and the ServInt team having the ability to control which articles pop up where and for how long. We brought it all onto WordPress to ease the process of updating and adding content, and channeled the high volume of answering technical questions and talking to their audience all to one spot.

Ordering by Slider

We’ve added a slider system of ordering and configuring their products which is a major leap in the web hosting industry. Now customers can easily find the package that best caters to their needs. We’re continuing to add built-in APIs to interface with their current technology of ordering, and checking statuses for client purchases. But in the meantime, we wanted to make sure that all of their old URLs still existed, so clients are properly redirected and can continue to access and purchase services. Since all of ServInt’s revenues go through their website, it’s essential that everything remains up and functioning throughout the entire process.

What’s Next

Now that we’re on Phase 2 of the project, we’re working on an internal portal catered to ServInt’s current customers with the same easy-to-follow website design. As the first step, we’ve redesigned ServInt’s live server resource graphs to make them even easier to use and understand. There’s quite a bit more coming and we know customers are eagerly awaiting what’s in store.

Overall, it’s been quite a unique experience getting to step back from the role of developers- and rethink how we as customers would want the site to look and function.

Make sure to check out the new site. Don’t forget to leave us any comments—we love to hear what you’re thinking!

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