We’re very proud to announce that, this coming Wednesday, Warren will be part of a 4 person panel at SMBMTL #19.

The Social Media Breakfast Montreal brings people together to meet, share, and learn about what kind of digital efforts can help make our businesses and personal brands successful online.”

The 4 speakers will be:

You can read a bit more about all the guest speakers via their bios on the SMBMTL website.

The panel will touch on 3 widely ranging core topics that have been selected by the previous #SMBMTL audiences:

Community – What’s yours like and how do/did you build it?

Growing pains, big successes and that moment when you realized people are really listening and they might even care!

Careers for the Digitally Mindful

State of social and digital in Montreal and the opportunities that exist now and in the future.

Killer Content

Insights on top content performers, how to decide who your audience is, and tools used to measure engagement/impact of those.

Not surprisingly, the event is sold out and the attendee list is impressive. Should make for a great discussion. We’ll be posting a recap here, and you’re welcome to follow along on Twitter using the #SMBMTL hashtag on
Wednesday morning starting at 8:00am.

(Beautiful Montreal Sunrise photo above by Emmanuel Huybrechts)