Panels, parties, panels, parties. It’s sort of becoming a blur, and we’re exhausted. But the Plank gang couldn’t come home without checking in one last time.

Everything has been great. We are having an amazing time, learning so much, and meeting so many great people. It’s just incredible how big SXSW has become, even since last year. The conference rooms are bigger, there is just more going on, and the beer lines are longer. Tells you something about our industry, that’s for sure.

From a business perspective, I think the message has been “be honest.” Transparency goes a long way. From a tech perspective, everyone hates Microsoft, and they hope Silverlight fails. But I guess that’s not really news.

Well the panels are starting up again in about 20 minutes so I’ve got to run. Steve has all sorts of great coverage over at his blog, and be sure to check out Nancy’s awesome photos. We’ll have some real thoughts on this whole thing when we’re back and have had a chance to let it all sink in. Later, y’all!

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