There are hardcore Festival-goers in theatres clamouring for tickets as we write this. The Fantasia Festival has begun, and Plank has delivered a kick-ass website to support it. Again.

Back in 2003 we had no idea we’d still be at it, year after year, turning out some great work for the Fantasia website each and every summer. The Festival keeps getting bigger, the websites keep getting bigger, but Plank is always there to deliver the goods in a high pressure Festival time frame. And we’ve done it again!

As the Festival keeps growing, Plank has needed to adapt the site to the bigger program. The older layout has been simplified and cleaned up this year, and we have updated the technology to fully valid XHTML and CSS. The result is much faster load times. While the design itself may have been simplified, the home page has been expanded to have more information right up front, including a neat little news marquee.

Another new feature this year is a nice little Flash touch where multiple still photos for a film can rotate through with a cool transition effect. This gives the film pages a feeling that’s more vibrant and alive. Here’s a great example, with Yunjim Kim for you Lost fans!

Once again, praise should be heaped on Black Eye Design, creators of the Fantasia printed program and the visual identity of the Festival. While Plank’s talented designers did a fantastic job adapting the look to the web, it was Black Eye who set the look in the first place.

So check out the Festival site, and check out the Festival. We’ll see you in the theatres!

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