This is our funny take on this weeks W3C announcement of the new “HTML 5” logo. While that new logo is meant to represent the future, ours is meant to represent the frustration of early HTML 4 table based layouts. The W3C says about the new HTML 5 logo…

“The logo is a general-purpose visual identity for a broad set of open web technologies, including HTML5, CSS, SVG, WOFF, and others.”

We are excited about modern web code and we think this is a good move. The term “HTML5” has been used as an umbrella for many technologies for 2 years now — trying to ignore that just isn’t realistic. We’re not sure exactly where we see using this badge yet, but we’ll bet it will be on lots of t-shirts soon.

“Umbrella terms have existed in the past (like “Web 2.0”, …) and they were usually distinct from the actual names of the standards (I think because the standards had names that sounded very technical) but that is just not the case with HTML5. That’s the status quo. Thinking up a different umbrella term now, in isolation from actual usage, seems counterproductive.”

Comment from Hacker News user “Ugh”

Others on the web have called it useless, partly because it’s hard not to imagine this as the modern day representation of the “NEW” and “IMPROVED” starbursts used on products in the 50’s. Read more about the logo/branding here:

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