HTML 5 Video Hero

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Geoff did a round up of the real world usage of the HTML5 VIDEO tag. As a testament to how tough it is, it took him quite some time to get everything working for the example. Overall we’re fans — it works well and we’ve already seen it in production for a client.

Plank on Pinterest

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Heard of this new service called Pinterest? This year’s fastest growing new social network takes the reins — in part — from Tumblr and combines it with a pacesetting bookmarking and scrapbooking UI. There’s a whole
lot of DIY, craft, fashion, design, and recipe sharing going on; there might even be a photo or 2 of Ryan Gosling thrown in for good measure. We’ve been running an account for fun at Sophie Woodroofe over at Sparksheet has one of the better blog posts entitled “Should Brands Care About Pinterest?“.

Habitat ’67 Lego

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Lego has a beautiful series of Architectural models. They ran a contest looking for the next potential candidate. It looked as though a Montréal
development, inspired by Lego itself, was on its way to a win. Habitat 67 was built during Montréal’s boom era leading up to Expo 67. But disappointment soon followed as Lego announced that Habitat 67 wasn’t in fact a sure win, but was only being considered. All we can say is that if they do eventually make it, we’ll buy it, build it, and display it proudly at our studio.

Did they release a new iPad this week?

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The online hype leading up to this was amazing. Virtually no product launches in the past few years have come with such speculation, rumour-mongering, and excitement. Well, Apple delivered and Warren quickly pre-ordered what will be the first of many shiny new iPads for our team. There was some speculation about what they’d announce and we weren’t far off base. We’re eager to see it first-hand — people are saying that the screen itself is the killer upgrade. Our industry as a whole is curious about how the bumped up resolution will affect layouts, media queries, and other code. Check back in 2 weeks!

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