4 posts later, I thought it would be a good idea to rear my head out of an abyss of emails and formally introduce the new Plank website for 2007. It took a bit longer to get together than expected and we still have a ways to go filling out a lot information for those of you that are interested, but I’m proud of where it stands and the framework we have in place to grow this puppy.

In contrast to our previous site, this site, while being visually reflective of where we stand now design-wise also has a series of other hidden gems under the hood. Built on top of our soon to be Open-sourced Seed Framework, we’ve got all the technical bells and whistles up to date (Search Engine friendly URLs, XHTML compliance, and RSS feeds to boot) and we can now truthfully claim that all the tools that we offer to our clients we now live with on our own site.

Congrats to my whole team.

One of the main new features that we’ve launched with this site is the Plank Blog. Much debate ensured in the office about if / which / should we have a Blog. While we clearly understand the digital relevance of the blog movement and have worked with some of our clients to launch some very high profile blogs, we very simply wondered, did it really matter for us? Would anyone care what we all as a company or individuals have to say? Didn’t we already have a News section of our site? What was wrong with that?

We decided to go with the blog for a series of what we think are really good reasons for us and maybe for you to consider if you are in the same boat:

  • There is nothing worse than an infrequently updated blog. We have committed to posting regularly
  • Allowing everyone in the company to post will give a much more realistic view of what the Plank team is about as a whole
  • Give Plank less of a marketing focused spin
  • Give you a more complete insight into what makes us tick.

BTW, I’ll be honest and say that I was the one the most resistant to this major shift on our site. Maybe it’s my initial humbleness or just skepticisms but I wondered if people really cared what we had to say. I’ve always felt it was all about “just look at our work and you’ll get it.”

So the experiment begins, and I’m looking forward to being wrong.

Next up: What the hell am I going to blog about?!

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