Warren Wilansky

Well, seems our Mr. Mendelsohn has outed me on one of my strange hang ups; hatred at having to say Happy New Year deep into the new year. For me, one week of good cheer is more than enough but I know some people who need to be jolly all the way into February. I’m not naming names.

At least Allen gave me a good opportunity to drop by and get in a post before all the cheer is drained out of me.

The beginning of the year is always an interesting time of reflection, refreshment and resolution. After some time off work, spent with family and friends making a pig of yourself, you can’t help but look at your gut, smile, frown and then realize you have to do something about it. And I, for the first time in years, have one very important resolution. Unfortunately for now, it has nothing to do with my gut.

While I’m really proud of what all of us at Plank have accomplished over the past 9 years, I worry that we seriously suffer from one big bad fault: modesty. So, you must be asking yourself how can someone so proud be so modest? It may be the bass player in me but I’ve always felt like if we just plod along and try to do the best work possible everyone will just figure it out. They’ll get it and need to work with us.

Obviously we have had some attention over the years thanks to some high-profile clients but I/we have never actively sought attention or a public profile. Over all these years I think we offhandedly sent out two press releases and emailed a few design portals as an experiment. It worked but we all quickly burrowed back into our work. We got back into the habit of letting people discover us when they manage to.

I guess I’ve had a change of heart.

2008 is the year we will come out of our cocoon and be the butterfly we know we are. This comes back to my personal resolution, which is, you will hear a lot more from me Dear Internets. I have made a personal commitment to blog regularly here and at my personal website. I will also be participating more in the Internet world at large and will actively tell you a lot more about Plank and myself.

Sit back, enjoy, and may 2008 be as exciting for you as I see it for Plank. Of course, in December if I have completely defaulted on my intentions, please come to our 10th anniversary party and give my nose a wee tweak.

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