Jake and Amir from Webby Awards on Vimeo.

So as I’m sure you all know by now, Plank is the Canadian Ambassador to the Webby Awards. It is now our duty to remind you that time is running out to get your entries in. The deadline is next Friday, December 19th. Go enter. Do it now! But why have a nobody like me remind you? This year, the Webbys have gathered some of the most popular stars of the internet to make PSA-type videos to remind you about the date. The video above is from Collegehumour.com’s Jake and Amir who always bring teh funneh. You can check out all the videos on the Webbys Tumblr page. Dammit why are you watching videos? Go enter. Now! And then we’ll see you at the Webbys.

Here’s my highlight from last year…

Arianna Huffington and Allen Mendelsohn at the The 12th Annual Webby Awards