Like any company, people come and people go from Plank (and some stay a long time… Steve & Jenn have both put in over a decade here!). And while we are always sad to lose a member of the Plank family, we like to keep in touch and are always interested in what Plank alumni are up to. Some have gone on to work at other companies, started their own businesses or have taken totally different career paths. So we thought it would be fun to catch up with some former staff members from time to time and update you on the interesting things that our alumni are doing.

We decided to check in first with our buddy Lawrence Tenuta who recently co-founded digital print company Static Pixels. Lawrence started as an intern at Plank when he was in CEGEP and ended up working with us as a developer from 2004 to 2008. Friendly, positive and talented, whenever we are interviewing for a new developer, I always think to myself, “Are they a Lolo?”

I caught up with Lawrence to find out more about his new venture.

It’s been quite a few years since you left Plank to move on to new pastures, what have you been up to?

Since I left Plank I kept trying different things, opened up a few companies, did some freelancing and most recently co-founded with Massimo Farina.

Tell me a bit about Static Pixels?

We created Static Pixels with the intention to let users print their Instagram photos on this really cool eco-friendly cardboard that we call DeepSquares. Since our latest update users gained the ability to upload photos from any device. We print 5″ squares and our newly released 10″ DeepSquare prints.

What inspired you to “do your own thing”?

Business has always been in my blood. In elementary school I remember wheeling and dealing – trading cards and making money to buy things that are important to me back then, like video games,
candy, the works. That mentality of “I can make my own business” has been with me throughout the years. I’m always thinking of some new way to break through. It’s hard to shake that off!

What did you take away from your time at Plank, did you learn anything from us?

At Plank I learned to watch out for flying rubber bands, you never know when and where they’ll land!

I know you’re a keen drummer. Who is your favourite drummer and why?

Lawrence: My favourite drummers changed as I grew in skill. It started with Lars Ulrich, then Nick Menza then Mike Portnoy and right now it’s Dave Weckl. If he isn’t an alien I’d be shocked. The guy’s chops are amazing and his limb independence is depressingly awesome! I also get lost on youtube watching other amazing drummers. There’s so much talent out there!

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